Framed in a natural suggestive scene, CASTELLI,, small town of Abruzzi, is one of the most important ceramic centers of the world.

The town is situated in the woods of the park between the GRAN SASSO and the mountains of the LAGA.

A unique natural endowment, abundant of woods, water and clay, has allowed and presently allows a small community to grow and prosper with a creative and inventive activity in which original, formal and utilistic codes have been transferred from generations to generations, from father to son, and from son to nephew, and so on.

CASTELLI, has known to maintain through the times a distinct cultural tradition broadcasting famous names and "opere" such as the rich assembly of " farmacia Orsini-Colonna", the decorated clay mats in the ceiling of S.Donato church, and other artistic achievements preserved in the world museums from the British to the Metropolitan, to the Hermitage, and many more.

The characteristics of the production of CASTELLI, are the figurative and chromatic originality.

Today the utilized styles express (freehand style) the "BAROCCO", the "SETTECENTESCO" and others.