The factory of Di SILVESTRE DINA operates in the sector from 1968 and produces artistic ceramics based on the traditional centenary of CASTELLI .

Its production offers a large variety of choice and includes items for applications as utensils or as decorations.

Today, the factory of DI SILVESTRE DINA is equipped with labs to plan, form, decorate and store (in ample showrooms) where you find the reproductions of ceramics of CASTELLI .  In addition to the famous decorated mats, we find flasks, bottles, pharmacy containers, water bottles, plates and other articles.

The various phases of work are executed by highly qualified hands distinguishable  through the quality of decorations and through the originality and quality of the design.

The factory of DI SILVESTRE DINA offers the possibility to reproduce the diverse decorations on any shapes of production.

CASTELLI can be reached from the "autostrada" A-14 ( exit of Teramo or Roseto of the Abruzzi), or from the "autostrada" A-24 Roma-Laquila-Teramo (exit Colledara-S. Gabriele).

An artisan who proceeds to transform natural clay matter into expressive forms of objects subsequently decorated.

The characteristics of the production of CASTELLI are the figurative and chromatic originality.